Ken Feinstein is a digital artist and educator living in New York City. He has been working with digital media since 1984. His collages and digital movies have been shown around the world. He is currently on the faculty of the Parsons School of Design. His work is in the permanant collections of the NY Public Library and the Museum of the City of NY. The work shown at Path is a comment on our lingering Romantic vision of the good life. Using as a starting point images inspired by the burn shadows of Hiroshima, Ken Feinstein, has created a series of movies which slowly go from a scene of our present urban reality to a fade which reveals our idealized view of a life of leisure and back again. The last piece, from the series entitled Infinite Cinema, is a triple image cycle which takes us from our present reality to our ideal and onto a spiritual version of reality and then back again. The three version (running at different speeds), work like musical rounds. As they play the go in and out of phase to each other, thus paralleling man's place in society..

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