Naughts on Crosses

Thereās a revolution coming
I read it in a book
The pages were stuck together and some of the words were ripped and disfigured
But this is what I think it said Or at least what it should have said
I found the book in the attic My grandfatherās attic--heās dead
Someone had stuffed under a picture I didnāt recognize the face He had a mustache I think Iād look like him if I had one
The book was handwritten in green and blue
You donāt see that much anymore I suppose it was written a long time ago but the revolution still applies
Something about the cursive and print meshed together in one word
Made me think it still applied To me at least
I read it while I was real lonely
Perhaps thatās why it affected me
Iām trying to memorize all the words
The ones I can read that is
I fear the book may crumble
Only prophetic soundbites will remain
I tried to recopy the text
The ink turned to blood and began to rot
I fall asleep more and more these days
I awake with words printed on my face
My breath smells floury
A lot like an old book
Iām hungry and lonely but I am too tired to leave the attic and perhaps a little afraid The book might not be fully memorized when I leave and someone might steal it while Iām gone Besides, someone took the time to write it--in two inks, even--I should be equally resolute
When I brush my hair
Dusty letters fall out, thatās neat
I figure that something will happen if I brush long enough, like words will form
That happens I'm told
I read it in a book somewhere
I know I should leave the attic The people need know of the revolution
I mean I believe itās coming I should at least tell someone
Donāt think I will though Itās gotten quite comfortable
Itās familiar and thatās nothing to scoff at, most people never live somewhere familiar I donāt think I have the energy anyway, and they all probably know of the revolution already
They couldnāt miss it because I only read about it and itās completely clear to me
The dust has been caking up Iāve been playing a lot of games in it
Theyāre really simple I think they are a lot of fun though Just dashes and crosses and lines and circles--that sort of thing--not hard at all to play I spend less time memorizing It became too tedious...too boring Itās too much for one man anyway
One woman couldnāt do it either
I like the games better They get rid of the loneliness And they are familiar
Itās not often when things are familiar
Most people live their whole lives somewhere and never feel that things are familiar

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