Harry Smith - American Magus | Saturday, March 2, 2002 | CPC NYC

are proud to present:

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A Modern Alchemist
Directed by Paola Igliori
You are cordially invited to a screening of this fascinating domentary celebrating the life and work of

Harry Smith
1923 - 1991, In Memorium

Saturday, March 2, 2002, Doors open @8pm, screening begins@9pm
Live music and Poetry featuring Graham Haynes, Imani Uzuri, Paola Igliori and special guests to follow
CrossPathCulture NYC | 135 w. 50th street, ground floor

”He was a genius, the only person I met that transcended everything, he always gave an answer that was the end of the line, you didn’t have to go through all the shit”- Robert Frank

”To me he was the original multimedia guy. He’s like an improvisational archivist. Someone who gives shape and meaning to memory.”-DJ Spooky

”… men like Harry Smith  who live 1000 lives in one and show 4 in their faces and in their work.”-Carol Bergé, Film Culture, 1965

”Harry was not a normal human being. Harry was an extraordinary being who maybe comes along once in a hundred years. Harry is a genius on the order of Da Vinci.” - Harvey Bialy

“For his ongoing insight into the relationship between artistry and society, and his deep commitment for presenting folk music as a vehicle for social change”- Honorary Grammy Award to Harry Smith, 1991

”Without Harry Smith I wouldn’t have existed!” -Bob Dylan

”… I put Harry Smith with the three most dear to me GRAND INTELLIGENCE!! Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Harry Smith…These were sharp motherfuckers… and heavy… talk about heavy!!” - Gregory Corso

 Smith’s work was never conventional: his film presentations were light shows, projections, and ritual performances at which the creator himself played an integral creative (and sometimes destructive) role, at which music was freely improvised by the most advanced players of the time, at which ritually sacrificed minds were shamanically disassembled and reconstituted from a whistling widdershins of spontaneous assemblages, at which the projection booth housed a beaker of the artist’s own seed presiding over it all…

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