Selected Pieces

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CrossPathCulture (CPC), in conjunction with Chashama Theatre, presents “Come Closer,” a challenging installation created by Ophir Agassi and curated by Cannon Hersey. Located at the Chashama Gallery, the exhibition features Mr. Agassi’s drawings and organic constructions of sticks and ropes.
There will be a gallery walkabout and talk with the artist and curator Tuesday, July 24th at 7:30 pm.
Ophir Agassi explores primal aggression and ritual in his stick and hemp rope, hanging sculptures. His sharpened sticks express the primitive survivalist impulses of mankind in association with the suffering and struggle of daily life and faith. Religious symbols are hidden behind spikes in the form of stars and circles. Like the magnetic draw of New York’s urban landscape, Ophir Agassi’s constructions ask the viewer to come closer; examine the origin of human instinct and belief. -Cannon Hersey