On Thursday, December 13, 2001, legendary venue The Cooler will open its doors for the last time to present Rocknite, a rock-and-roll review presented by CrossPathCulture (CPC) and Jason Sheldon. The evening will showcase three bands: Fishbrainrobot, Dopo Yumé, and The Lines, as well as DJ sets by DR. Luke and The Ladies’ Choice, with the purpose of exposing up-and-coming rock acts to a diverse New York City audience. This showcase will play to a crowd drawn in large part from CPC’s international fine art, film and music community.

Rocknite is presented as a preview to CrossPathCulture’s 2002 rock performance series, beginning in February. This series will take advantage of various classic New York City venues to promote both the current trends in rock music as well as the colored history of the genre. Rocknite is one of a series of music events CPC will be hosting throughout December, including Classics to Contemporaries, a jazz series curated by Gary Keys (Dec. 14-16), and rhythm connection and an african in America, two live performance pieces (dec. 8) @ CPC Studio.

artist Info:

Dopo Yumés’ musical navigation has led them through avant-pop minor melodies, Brazilian inspired teen love songs, and folk country tunes about shopping malls. From Bad Brainy punk quartets, to hip hop ballads whimsically depicting a youth garbage pail kid click in the suburbs, Dopo Yumé has arrived with a sparkling, and sometimes dreamy boyish rock n’roll sound. They have toured with bands such as Cibo Mato, Rufus Wainwright, and Sean Lennon.

Dopo Yumé is Jordan Gallan-lead vocals, guitar, David Muller-bass, vocals, Adam Crystal- keyboards, Robert Schwartzman- lead guitar, Japa Keenon- drums.

Fishbrainrobot is the shit. The kind that tastes and smells great. It even feels great to have it smeared all over your body. You can play with it, you can dance in it, you can throw it at your friends, it will rock and roll you! Soon you will be able to play with fishbrainrobot at

Fishbrainrobot is: Jett Craze-lead vocals, bass guitar, Chris Perry-guitar, back up vocals and Tommy Figura- drums, back up vocals. Jett enjoys long walks in Central Park with his imaginary friend Henry. Chris is a Perry. Tommy wears special pants.

The Lines formed as a guitar/keys/bass/drums foursome during the summer of 2001. Picking up where Au Tempo, the former violin/cello/trumpet/acoustic guitar incarnation of the group had left off, The Lines pursue a more direct rock & roll sound, while maintaining a similarly melodic, vocal-oriented sensibility. The Lines play the NYC area regularly, and are currently at work on their first 5-song release, to be made available sometime this spring. More information, including downloadable mp3s and photos can be found by visiting T

The Lines fully animated, 7-minute music video for “Quiet Earth” has been recently exhibited at Chelsea’s LFL Gallery. The video, produced from top to bottom by the creative group Lansing-Dreiden received an excellent review by The New York Times, which can be accessed by clicking the “news room” section at

The Lines are: Jorge Elbrecht- guitar, vocals, Jay Israelson- keys, Todd O’Connor -bass guitar, and Steven Savoca- drums.

multiple choice Question- "Dr. Luke” is ?
A. Guitar Player for Saturday Night Live (5 years)
B. Chairman of the Board of the International Dungeons and Dragons FanClub
C. awarded for his work with underprivileged children
D. "a true international man of mystery" - New York Times
e. "he's like whoa" - The Source
f. owns and controls all the patents on bean bag chairs, lava lamps, and disappearing ink
g. a consultant for GLOW, (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)
x. one of 5 people on the planet who know the true identity of TLC
y. wrote the hit song "Dooley Dooley"
z. Head Judge for the Annual Cat Show
Dr. Luke is Lukasz Gottwald; guitar player, dj, and record producer

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CrossPathCulture (CPC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating international dialogue on art and culture. Through the creation of events, production and exhibition centers, and educational workshops, CPC exposes artists as well as the public to art created throughout the world. CPC aims to encourage and enable individual and collaborative efforts on a global scale.

Jason Sheldon has been involved in the music industry for 8 years. He has worked in A&R at record labels such as; American Recordings, The Enclave (EMI) and Columbia Records. Also known as The Ladies’ Choice, “ DJ Jason Sheldon, The Ladies’ Choice, is the man. He slices and dices, wrecks and resurrects, mixes and matches, hatches and catches. From dusk ‘till dawn, he keeps the party going on and on… and if you don’t know you better ask somebody!” - Jett Craze, lead singer of Fishbrainrobot.