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David Griffin | Aymon De Sales

Aymon de Sales was born in New York City. He went to school at Allen Stevenson and Choate. He was a major character in the best selling book Chocolates For Breakfast (1955) by Pamela Moore. In 1956 he studied in the South of France with the Albanian abstractionist painter, Chatine Charatsi. After living in London and Kenya with his first wife, Pat Cavindish, daughter of Lady Kenmare, he traveled to Mexico where he came in contact with the beat poet Phillip Lamantia in 1961 and drew inspiration from the ceremonies of the Yaqui and Mayan Indians. He lived in the South of Spain from 1962 -1067.He had a successful exhibit at the Mabella Club and later at Titoís Gallery in Madrid. He married Isabel Equidazu and had two daughters, Chantal and Monica de Sales. In the 70ís Aymon moved back to America. He painted at Tim Learyís house in Millbrook, New York in the 70ís and early 80ís He showed at the Jon Leon Gallery in New York with such famous artists as Larry Rivers and John Chamberline

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